Wake Wakame (わけわかめ)

  • I sometimes introduce slang terms, but some of them are becoming obsolete.


    For example, there is a slang term, “wake wakame” (わけわかめ), which is used when you can’t understand something.

    This term comes from the sentence “wake ga wakaranai,” the literal meaning of which is “I can’t understand the reason” (here “wake” means “reason,” and “wakaranai” means “can’t understand”).

    Also, “wakame” of “wake wakame” means “seaweed,” and it’s a pun for “wakaranai.”

    Wake wakame once became a dead term after it had spread in 1980s, but it became popular again since it has nominated for the popular word grand prix among high/junior high school girls in 2011.

    Unfortunately it’s becoming obsolete again now, but I sometimes use it because I like the sound.

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