The Figure of Raindrops

  • Today, I learned figures of raindrops.


    I thought that the figure of raindrops while dropping is just a teardrop-shaped, which is something like ‘💧.’

    However, actual raindrops don’t have such a shape.

    If the diameter of the raindrop is less than 3 mm, it will be an almost perfect sphere.

    If the diameter is around 4-5 mm, the bottom of the raindrop will become flat by the air resistance, and it will be similar to a shape of a steamed meat bun.
    雨粒の直径が 3 mm 以下であると、ほぼ球形になります。

    If the diameter is more than 6 mm, the bottom of the raindrop will be hollowed and a cup-shaped, and eventually split into smaller raindrops.
    直径が 4-5 mm 程度であると、空気抵抗により底面がつぶれて、肉まんのような形になります。

    Since diameters of typical raindrops are around 1 mm, most of shapes of raindrops that we usually see have a sphere shape.
    直径が 6 mm 以上であると、底が凹んでおわんのようになり、やがて分裂して小さな雨粒になります。

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