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Rare 10 Yen Coins in Japan

  • In Japan, there are a plenty of 10 yen coins, and some of them are known as rare coins.

    They are nicknamed “ギザ十(giza-ju),” and had been issued between 1951 and 1958.

    The origin of the name of the giza-ju is that they have an engrailed rim(ギザギザした縁の10円玉 : gizagiza shita fuchi no ju-yen dama).

    Therefore, it is easy to find them.

    Also, their value is around 15 yen to 50 yen.

    When we sometimes noticed the giza-ju, we could feel a little happy.

    However, people who don’t know the exist of the giza-ju have increased gradually as the years rolled on.

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