I bought a kindle paperwhite

  • I bought a kindle paperwhite because it was sold at 3000 yen off for people who are members of Amazon Student.

    Amazon Studentの会員向けに3000円オフのセールをやっていたので、kindle paperwhite を買いました。

    Recently, I think I became a person who spend money lavishly.

    Maybe because I can’t progress my paper on wheels, I am losing my marbles.

    Today, I learned that the phrase “lose one’s marbles,” which means like “go out of one’s mind,” is derived from the phrase “let his marbles go with the monkey.”
    頭がおかしくなるという表現の “lose one’s marbles” は、猿にビー玉をとられる、という表現から来ているそうです。

    Original sentence