Origin of Symbols

  •  Today, I learned the origin of the symbol ‘$’ called dollar or pesos. One of the most widely prevalent hypotheses is derived from pesos. That is, it is thought ‘$’ is the combination of P and S from pesos. Also, in the 16th Century, 1 peso is equivalent to 8 Real. Therefore, it is also thought ‘$’ is the combination of 8 and R from pesos. Furthermore, other hypotheses is shown as follows:

    ・ It was derived from HS of sestertius which is Roman currency.
    ・ It was derived from S which is Shilling currency symbol.
    ・ It was derived from US which represents unit of silver (or United States).
    ・ It was derived from the figure that ribbons are winding around Pillars of Hercules which is a symbol of Spain.

    [Extra information (This is just my brief note)]
     It is thought that the symbol ‘@’ called at-sign was derived from “ad” in Latin which means “at” in English. But many other hypotheses exist.
     The symbol ‘&’ called ampersand was derived from “et” in Latin which means “and” in English. That is because “etc.” (et cetra = and so forth) is sometimes abbreviated like “&c.”

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