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Thieves Prefer Rainy and Windy Days

  • Recently in Japan, there are many rainy and windy days by the approach of typhoon.

    We have to be careful about not only the rain and wind but also sneak thieves.

    In fact, thieves prefer rainy and windy days.


    ・When the break-in, they break window glasses or do picking doors, but the rain and the wind drown these sounds.

    ・When the weather is bad, people have no room to care about other people.

    ・When laundries are left out despite the rain, it will inform that residents of the house are absence.

    Also, today most thieves seem to use SNS, such as Facebook or Twitter.

    If you posted articles something like “I’ve been on a trip to Hawaii!” you could be targeted by thieves.

    Anyway, please be careful.

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