Irregular Verbs

  • I sometimes suffer from irregular verbs.


    When people began to use English, almost all verbs were irregular.

    It may be said that there were some sort of rules.

    However, by many wars, many words with various origins came to be used as English, and English words and grammars became more and more irresponsible.

    In order to organize them, people established a rule that past tenses/past participles put [-ed], as a result, many irregular verbs disappeared.

    Currently, the number of irregular verbs that are taught in the United States high school is around 160.
    人々はこれらを整理するため、過去形・過去分詞系には [-ed] をつけるというルールを定め、結果として多くの不規則動詞が無くなりました。

    Because people have a leaning toward simplify things, it is said that almost all irregular verbs will disappear in the future.

    By the way, there are no irregular verbs in Esperanto, which is artificial language, and this language is registered in the Guinness Book as the language which have the smallest irregular verbs in the world.

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