The Result of TOEIC SW

  • Today, I received the result of TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test.

    TOEIC SW の結果

    Although the speaking score was not changed compared to the result of two years ago, the writing score was increased considerably.
    今日はTOEIC SWの結果が帰ってきました。

    According to the conversion chart, my TOEIC SW score corresponds to about 920 on TOEIC score, but I can’t reach such a score at all now, haha.

    However, due to this writing result, written tests of some qualifications such as the Licensed Guide Interpreters are able to be exempted.

    I will write the same thing as yesterday, but there’s no doubt that thanks to everyone on Lang-8, I’ve improved my English.

    It’s a pleasure if we can benefit each other in the future too.

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