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A Little Embarrassing Story

  • I suddenly remembered my embarrassing event in the last year.

    Today, I want to write the bare truth.

    I participated the international conference in Singapore, and after it was finished, I went to the airport lounge to go back to Japan.

    And I was eating light meal alone at 3 seater table, and one couple came next to my table.

    They put their luggage in the chair and trying to sit down, but they’re short by one chair.

    At that moment, I intuitively thought they would come my table and say something like “Can we use this chair?” to me.

    Therefore, I braced myself for saying “Of course!”, and then they came.

    They said “Is this seat occupied?”, and I said “Of course!” with the gesture meaning “Please use this.”.

    They were confused and I was confused too, and I didn’t know what to say.

    Since I just finished eating foods then, I gave them a little smile and went off hastily.

    I was embarrassed.

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