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Dictation Practice Software was Completed Anyway

  • Finally, I finished creating a dictation software program for improving my English.

    At first, I tried to make the software using Java.

    However, it was revealed that creating browser-like software using Java (without SWT) is not easy.

    So, I began to learn the C# programming language from this morning.

    I knew C# can create browser-like software easily and there are many common points between C# and Java.

    To learn new programming language is exciting, but frustrating when I couldn’t code as intended.

    Result of the lengthy fight, the simple dictation software as follows was completed anyway.

    I’m going to improve my English using this software while improving this software gradually.

    And today, the TopCoder contest was canceled (server error occurred) during the round.

    I got really sad.

    It was heartbreaking, ahh.

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