Taifū Ikka (台風一過 – Clear Weather after the Storm)

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    Taifū Ikka


    The day before yesterday, a super typhoon hit Japan.

    However, the sky after the typhoon passed was very clear — there were almost no clouds.

    Such a good weather after a typhoon is called taifū ikka (台風一過) in Japanese.

    Since taifū (台風) means “typhoon” and ikka (一過) means “pass,” the literal meaning of the combination is “typhoon passes.”
    「台風」は “typhoon” を、「一過」は “pass” を意味するので、「台風一過」の文字どおりの意味は “typhoon passes” となります。

    Incidentally, ikka (一過) is a little difficult Japanese, and it has the same sound as 一家, which means “family,” so some Japanese children misunderstand 台風一過 as 台風一家 (“typhoon family”).
    「一過」は少し難しい日本語であり、 “family” を意味する「一家」と同音であるから、日本の子どもは「台風一過」と聞いて “typhoon family” を想像することがあります。

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